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I have been doing tuition with the global tuition center for 1 and a half years now. I am very happy with the results that I have been receiving and the progress that I have made. It is very affordable, and I always have a fun time learning in my classes. I am very great full of the effort that has been put into my tuition and I love that it is international.


6th Grade

“We are happy to say that GTC has given us a great opportunity to see our kids achieve success in their academic life. The teachers are very professional and patient. The support is very good and it’s a great place to be a student.”

Student' Parents

8th Grade

“I am happy with GTC.  When I started taking tuition classes, I was an average student but my Math teacher helped me to improve significantly. Now I mostly get more than 85% marks”

Math Student

High School Junior

” I didn’t like Physics when I started it in my school, then I thought to have online classes for Physics. Thanks to my friend, Jane, who referred me to the Global Tuition Center. My Physics teacher is really good. He explains the Physics concepts in such a way that now I love to learn Physics first then other subjects.”

Physics Student

High School