General Questions

How would you take the classes?

We use state of art calling technology like zoom and use Interactive Real Time Whiteboard for collaboration with students.

Do you offer the recording of the class?

Yes, If you want to record the class then you can ask the teacher. 

Will you do an audio call or video call?

Well, it depends on the student if he/she wants to then they can do it. But video call is not necessary.

What if I missed any class?

If you missed any class with or without prior notice then if the teacher will have time then the same teacher will give that missed class otherwise another teacher may take makeup class.

How many makeup classes can I take in a month?

As our teachers have back-to-back classes so we don’t offer more than two makeup (missed) classes in a Month.

Do I have to pay upfront fee?

Yes, we charge an upfront fee like any other institute.

What payment method should I use?

You can use your local bank / local bank’s app to transfer the money.

Do you have my curriculum?

We do have a national curriculum for countries like Australia, New Zealand, the USA, and Canada and it varies slightly state-wise so we suggest students get the curriculum from their school and give us.

What is Free Trial Class?

We offer a Free Trial class to the new students so that they may see how we teach online.

How should I proceed after taking a trial class?

You can book the schedule, pay an upfront fee and start taking your classes.

Do you charge per hour or per month?

We charge a fee per month.

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