Elements of Story


The characters are people, animals, and any creatures that appear in the story.


It is where the story takes place.


It is what happens in the story, all the events, and how they turn out.


It’s at the end of a story when things have all been resolved.


2nd grade reading comprehension worksheets multiple choice

Molly likes to read. She reads all the time. She likes to listen to stories. On her birthday, Molly’s mom bought her a new book of nursery rhymes.

Molly started reading the book in her bedroom. She could not understand the words. But she liked the pictures. They looked like the real thing.

One day, Molly went to the library. She found a book about dinosaurs. She read it and learned many new things about dinosaurs. Molly’s mom also liked to read books about dinosaurs.

1. The story is mostly about which character?

a. Book

b. Molly

c. Music

2. The setting of the story is

a. Molly’s bedroom

b. Molly’s birthday

c. Book

3. The plot of the story is

a. Molly loved the book.

b. Molly liked the pictures.

c. Molly liked to read.

4. How does the story end?

a. Molly went to school and asked for help.
b. Molly and her mom were sad.
c. Molly visited the library and found a book about dinosaurs.

The Adventure of the Big Green Snake

reading comprehension 2nd grade multiple choice

The big green snake wanted to go on an adventure. It was going to see the world outside of the forest. But first, it needed a pair of eyes. It was feeling lonely in the forest without eyes.

The big green snake crawled into a cave. He looked around the cave. He saw a nice pair of eyes. “What’s this?” he thought. “These are too pretty to be eyes.” I need another pair of eyes! “

The big green snake climbed out of the cave and started to walk. He climbed over the rocks and through the bushes. He climbed high into the trees. He climbed down the big mountain.

On the way to the top of the big mountain, the snake found another pair of eyes. He looked at them carefully. He picked up the eyes and put them in his pouch.

Then the snake looked across the ocean. He looked at the bright blue sky. He looked down at the water. He crawled over to the beach. He crawled up the sandy hills. He climbed up a cliff.

On the way back to the forest, the snake saw a long, narrow stick sticking up in the ground. It was the most beautiful stick he had ever seen.

The snake climbed up the long stick and looked around. He saw a hole in the ground. The snake went in. He crawled along the tunnel.

1. The main character of the story is

a. A boy
b. The big green snake
c. A girl
d. The eye

2. What is the setting of the story?

a. mountain
b. All of the above

c. Correct answer.

d. The forest
e. cave

3. What does the big green snake say when it sees the cave?

a. “I am tired of eating leaves all day long.” Let me sleep for a little while! ”
b.“I need another pair of eyes!”What’s this? These are too pretty to be eyes. I need another pair of eyes! “
c. “I am hungry for some meat!”

4. What does the big green snake do when he finds another pair of eyes?

a. He looks at them carefully and then puts them in his pouch.
b. He puts them in his pouch.
c. He picks them up and puts them in his pouch.
d. He picks them up but then decides not to put them away.


reading comprehension worksheets 2nd grade multiple choice

Sylvia is a little girl who lives with her parents in a big city. Her mom is a nurse. Her dad is a teacher. Sylvia has three younger brothers. One of them is named Mark. He is a little boy who likes to climb trees and jump into the swimming pool. Mark is six years old.

One day, Sylvia and her family went to visit some of Sylvia’s relatives. They were going to stay at their relatives’ house for a while.

While they were there, the relatives showed Sylvia their backyard. Sylvia saw a pond. She wanted to go swimming in the pond!

She asked her parents if she could go swimming. Her mom said that it was too cold outside to swim.

Sylvia didn’t want the day to be a waste, so she went into the house with her brothers. They played hide-and-seek and tag together.

1. The main character of the story is

2. The plot of the story is

3. How does the story end?

4. The setting of the story is